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  • What is the opening time of Orient Spa Hanoi?
    We are open daily from 09:00am to 10:00pm. Last appointment is at 09:30pm.
  • How can I make a reservation?
    You can make a reservation by one of the below options: Book Online by visiting SPA MENU section and choose the service you prefer. Our booking system is very easy to use. Call out hotline: 0977 903 499 Email us: Send us a message via Facebook
  • What type of payment is accepted?
    You can pay by cash, credit card (Visa, Master or Amex) or make online payment in advance.
  • Do you off Gift Card/ Gift voucher?
    Yes, we offer many options for Gift Card and Gift Voucher. Please contact us online or email us to for further details.
  • Is tipping required?
    It is totally up to you to tip our therapists or not. Instead of tipping, you can also help share your experience at Orient Spa on social media such as Trip Advisor, Google, Facebook - your therapist will earn a bonus/ monthly reward with your support!
  • Is there an age limit at Orient Spa?
    There is no age limit, please feel free to bring your child to our place! We can offer treatment for children from 2 year old and up too.
  • I am pregnant. Can I use your spa service?
    Orient Spa offers a great place for mother-to-be. We have massage that will relieve you from pain and soreness, either on the back or on your leg. Please make note with us that you are pregnant so we can take certain precautions in advance.
  • What type of product/ cosmetic is used?
    For facial work, we use Dermalogica as our product. Apart from facial care, we go as natural as possible. Each month we will offer a different fruity treatment - the fruit is locally sourced and organically grown and purchased by season too.
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