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If you have an extra minute, please read this to learn more about Orient Spa Hanoi

At Orient Spa Hanoi we put sincerity, authenticity and guests' well-being at the forefront of everything else. We were set up with a view to provide a relaxing experience to travellers and locals. Alongside with that, we seek to create an employment and income opportunity to the less advantaged in Vietnam. We recruited our therapists based on both their experience in the spa industry and also on their family background and given priority to those who need a job the most.

Our therapists come from different parts of Vietnam, many are single moms who have to bear the burden of the family, some are singles who have passed the marriage-able age in Vietnam as they still need to make a living and sustain their sick parents. We all hope that Orient becomes a place for win-win: our guests have a good massage, and our therapists make a fair income and are treated with courtesy.

We do NOT provide happy ending massage of ANY MEANs, and an inquiry about that would really be a disheartening insult to our pure effort, thank you for your understanding.

We have several policies that all our therapists learn by heart: NO TALK, NO PHONE USE, NO ASKING FOR TIP during treatment, and we work hard to ensure these are applied in every minute of your presence at our spa. If you spot such issue, please let us know immediately.

Have questions or comments? Please use the contact us box to the right!

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